Most Popular Mens Clothing Brands 2021

Most Popular Mens Clothing Brands 2021

Popular Mens Clothing Brands 2021

In this blog, we are going to round up our top 10 best selling men's clothing brands of 2021, as chose by our customers here at My Urban Wardrobe.

As 2021 comes to a close, we take a look at the most popular brands available to buy online on our website, combined with sales data from our popular high street store. When it comes to men and clothing styles in 2021, one thing is for sure: The majority of men don't want to spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect pieces. Often, men are quick, decisive, and no-fuss shoppers. Men know what they want: great value clothing that doesn't skimp on quality. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the top 10 mens clothing brands of 2021 for your wardrobe essentials this Christmas. While these brands each offer signature pieces, they all possess the core styles that should anchor every modern man’s wardrobe. They range from affordable household names such as Gym King, Ellesse & Fila, to newer designers like Terrace Cult, 883 Police & Religion, which both offer more stylish products at a different price point.

It is vital for every guy to find his choice top men’s clothing brands in 2021 to make shopping easier. So for guys whose wardrobes need a refresh or for those who simply need a good jumping-off point, we break down the best men’s clothing brands you need to know.

In no particular order;

1 - Ellesse

Ellesse was founded by Leonardo Mantis Servadio in 1959 in Umbria, Italy. The name Ellesse derives from Servadio's initials, LS. Ellesse grew in popularity during the 1970s as a producer of skiwear, such as quilted jackets and ski pants. Another sport with which Ellesse has been closely associated since its early years is tennis. The Ellesse logo references the form of a tennis ball with the shape of the tips of a pair of skis.

Through the 1970s and 1980s, Ellesse gained a reputation for combining sportswear functionality with street-level fashion styling. It was one of the first sportswear brands to feature their logo prominently on the outside of their garments. During the mid-1980s, French designer JC Castelbajac worked with Ellesse, an early collaboration between a sportswear company and a fashion designer. The UK casuals adopted the brand in the 1980s as premium sportswear took off across British 'lad culture'.

2 - Gym King

The Gym King was started in April 2014, and incorporated in March 2015. This makes it one of the long-standing athleisure streetwear brands in the UK. Set up by James Parker and Carl Carnett with a straight 50/50 split, the latter left in 2017 giving Jay the full ownership, making him the only Gym King owner until JD Sports bought shares in 2021.

This was rare in streetwear clothing to have it still fully owned by the person who set it up, which makes Gym King’s rise even more impressive considering by their own admission they don’t follow trends and churn out core products. But it’s an urban athleisure business model that has seen success, regardless of who owns Gym King.

3 - Kings Will Dream

KWD is Footasylums in-house brand created in 2015 to rival Sik Silk and 11 Degrees for the urban clothing crown. Kings Will Dream is owned by Footaslyum LTD, and it doesn’t have the standard founder backstory that other brands have. It’s a corporate designed and produced streetwear brand, but that’s not a bad thing, and quality design and production are guaranteed.

The closest you come to a driving force is the fashion designer, Jade Holland. He was tasked to research current and future trends on what would sell. It was purely a financial move by the Footasylum owners to use their store to promote their own brand for maximum profits. Much like they also own Zavetti to cover the high-end luxury market.

4 - Sergio Tacchini

Italian tennis champion Sergio Tacchini founded his namesake label in 1966, bringing authenticity, craftmanship and style. Worn by some of the world’s most prestigious tennis players – including John McEnroe and Pete Sampras, the brand helped redefine traditional sports and lifestyle apparel with its infusion of colour.

Sergio Tacchini now boast a wide range of staple logo T-shirts, preppy polo shirts and old-skool track jackets, to cop for both on and off the court. Maximum heritage points, incoming.

5 - Fresh Couture

Fresh Couture is about the mixing of ideas; understanding sporting heritage and context underpinned by contemporary needs and aesthetics. As a brand they aim to champion skilled, small-scale production where they can. They produce garments in the right place, both in the UK and overseas, working only with factories they trust, admire and are proud to be associated with.

The company also gives us an opportunity to collaborate with amazing people from artists to writers and anyone in between, a process that inspires continual growth and education.

After initially selling to ten retailers, this has scaled to over 50. Fresh Couture feel very humbled by the rise of the brand and have gained a substantial following.

Fresh Couture are now stocked from Newcastle, to the UAE and all the way across the globe to Australia. Fresh Couture are happy and proud to be an independent, small company, always approaching their work with excitement and dedication.

6 - Superdry

Superdry X is energy, creativity, an incubator for a new visual identity, inspired by community, culture and collaboration. Statement design, displaced fabrics, bold graphics, unexpected prints, assured styles. Always evolving. Always experimenting. Always surprising.

Superdry has a significant local presence around the world, operating through 740 Superdry branded stores in 61 countries. There are 241 owned stores across the UK, Republic of Ireland, mainland Europe and USA, and 499 franchised and licensed stores – all but 12 outside the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

7 - Fila

International sportswear giant Fila was established in Biella, Italy in 1911, nestled among the foothills of the Italian Alps. A worldwide leader in sporting and lifestyle shoes and apparel, Fila champions its heritage Italian design DNA while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of modern performance wear.

Fila gained global attention for its instantly recognisable tennis apparel in the 1970s, and has since expanded their design portfolio to include sporting apparel across a wide range of codes including golf, training, running and compression wear.

While their technical processes are at the forefront of sporting design, the brand remains true to its time-honoured European aesthetic and outfits professional artists and athletes from around the world. 

8 - 11 Degrees

At 11 Degrees, they use higher quality materials and production techniques because they're all about comfort. For 11 Degrees comfort is not about being lazy.. far from it. Just ask their founder Andy about the hustle it took to get the brand this far. 100 hours weeks don't feel like 100 hour weeks when you're in the flow.

'We design by instinct. We stay true to who we are. We do our best work when we flow.'

9 - NICCE London

Founded in 2013 by Mitchel Galvin-Farnol. This young entrepreneur set his sights on creating a clean but distinctive quality brand. Noticing a gap in the market Mitchel set about creating a no fuss, simple design brand. In an interview with Made In Shoreditch Magazine Mitchel says " I’ve always been interested in fashion but after I’d done my first season working in Ibiza, I really got drawn into the fashion world – the island and its people, especially those who work there, have a really cool style and it got me thinking about how I could introduce a clothing brand that these types of people would want to wear. Nicce was born."

On returning from Ibiza Mitchel forged a brand that would embody a community driven ethos, determined to deliver bold, cleancut designs that would disrupt the exclusive and hype orientated global streetwear landscape. The NICCE logo was originally placed on tees hand printed by Mitchel using a DIY bedroom set-up. The original screens sit in Nicce HQ office in London as a reminder of humble beginnings.

10 - Penguin

Penguin menswear is an exciting new range here at My Urban Wardrobe, with an ever growing range soon to be added in-store and to our website. Original Penguin (also known simply as Penguin) is an American clothing line. With roots in the 1950s and 60s, the brand specialises in clothing, footwear & eyewear.

Mens Clothing Brands 2021

What components do good Men's clothing brands have?

There are plenty of characteristics that win a brand the sartorial good citizenship award, but none of that really matters unless the company’s offerings make you feel good. While styles can (and should) change, look for men’s clothing brands that offer a certain level of consistency so you can feel comfortable building your wardrobe there season after season. Of course, a savvy brand should also offer more than consistency: It should also stand behind its products.

While you may not care if that date night shirt survives the weekend, if you’ve invested in a nice pair of trainers or a jacket, you’ll want to know that the enterprise will take care of you if something goes wrong. When shopping, look for good value: Buy the best clothing brands for men that you can afford, and take care of those products to make them last. Sustainability is good for your wallet and good for the planet, and it’s not always the “granola” brands that are fighting the good Earth’s fight.

We don’t mean to be judgy, either — although fast fashion presents certain challenges, sometimes it just makes sense to spend a few bucks on something that has a moment but doesn’t live in your closet forever.

If you are looking for something on our website, that you can't find the size or colour for, just drop us a message over on Facebook or Instagram. You can also give us a call for any style advice or to find out whats coming next season, we're always here to help.

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